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Molds and tins for baking

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Decorating Tip Marker

Decorating Tip meant for creating thin lines when decorating cakes

Code: 120003
Forma na plněné pečivo
from €0,89
Code: 200020
Pizza/Cake baking pan
from €1,02

Pizza baking pan 116/12-22 TE, 117/10-29 TE

Code: 030405
Blex Cake pan round
from €1,51

Cake pan round 115/26-30

Code: 030069
Formičky na vosí hnízda (Typ - velká sada)
from €1,87

"Beehive" moulds made of plastic

Code: 200016
Forma pro tvarování příloh Čtverec (Typ 6 cm)
from €2,04
€2,27 (up to –11 %)
Form for creating attachments
Code: 030440
Forma pro tvarování příloh trojúhelník (Typ 6 cm)
from €2,04
Form for creating attachments
Code: 030443
Teddy bear and cat mould
Teddy bear and cat mould
Currently unavailable

Plastic moulds of Teddy bear and Cat

Code: 200046
Forma pro tvarování příloh kolečko (Typ 6 cm)
from €2,40
Form for creating attachments
Code: 030437
Sady miniformiček - 30 ks (Typ - mini kávová zrna - pocínovaný plech)

Sets of mini moulds made of tinned sheet

Code: 17064
Sada formiček rybička
Sada formiček rybička
Currently unavailable
Code: 120008
Set of Moulds - Bells

A 20-pc set of small cookie moulds in the shape of bells.


Code: 120007
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