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Wood in the kitchen

We can´t imagine a kitchen without wood, they doubtlessly belong to each other. We use wooden tools such as wooden spoons, mashers, spatulas, rolling pins, meat mallets, wooden boards of different sizes as well as wooden dishes.  Nothing is better than natural material! It´s a pity wood can´t be used for baking or cooking! But last week we were informed that one of our supplier, producer of wooden items, makes boards of oak wood that can be used for finishing meal in the oven from where it goes right to the guest. You guess right, use in restaurants is involved. But why not get it try at home? So if you like wood in the kitchen, you are at a good place, just make your choice. 

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Wooden toothpicks
Code: 240016
Obracečka rovná s otvorem
Code: 100031
Wooden Spatula

wooden spatula

Code: 100008
Honey Dipper

Wooden honey dipper

Code: 100056
Wooden masher, small

Small wooden masher

Code: 100090
Obracečka prohnutá
Code: 100033
Obracečka T se zářezy
Code: 100035
3152 drevotvar potravinovy stetec mini

Pastry brush, 14 cm

Code: 100119
Obracečka s kulatým držadlem
Code: 100075
Pastry Brush - round

Pastry brush - natural wood

Code: 100057
3200 spejle s hrotem

Wooden skewers

Code: 240079
Set of wooden spoons 1
Set of wooden spoons 1
Currently unavailable

Set of wooden helpers - wooden spoons

Code: 100142
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