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Garden tools

This handy set of garden tools will help you take care about your plants for all over the year. It is offered in 3 colours: red, green and blue.

The tools are made of metal.

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Gardening Set

Gardening tool set including fork, spade and cultivator

Code: 090012/1
Harvest Scissors

Two-edge harvest scissors

Code: 020296
Gardener harvest scissors

Harvest scissors for gardeners

Code: 020297
Garden harvest scissors - bent

Light harvest scissors for gardeners, bent

Code: 020298
Gardening firecracker
gardening knife
Code: 020230
2909 rezacka pice rucni

Three-knife fodder cutter - for cutting grass, nettles, etc. It will be appreciated by domestic animal breeders, but perhaps also by enthusiastic green herbs eaters. Easy running thanks to the gear.

Dimension: 275x400x330 mm

Weight: 6,5 kg

Code: 180009
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