uvod-logo-victoriaColombian dishes from the world-famous brand Victoria are made of quality cast iron. Honest and robust containers (as well as utensils) are designed for all types of stoves and open fire. The surface of the castings is treated with edible oil baked at a high temperature, which achieves a natural non-stick effect.
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VICTORIA cast iron pan
from €12,91

Quality pans of a famous producer

Code: 010440
2915 tlacitko lis na grilovani slaniny victoria
Code: 010445

Cast iron baking pan, 0,8 l

Code: 010450
Servírovací pánev 010446

Fajita Skillet made of cast iron and seasoned with non-GMO 100% flaxseed oil.

Code: 010446
Pancake pan (Comal) VICTORIA

Cast iron tortilla pan

Code: 010443
Reversible Cast Iron Round Griddle VICTORIA, 32 cm

Reversible cast iron round griddle

Code: 010452
Tortilla press VICTORIA

Tortilla Press VICTORIA, tortillas´ diameter is 20 cm

Code: 010437
Cast iron grill plate

The best cast iron griddle

Code: 010439
Corn Grinder VICTORIA

Corn Grinder made of cast iron, hot tinned.

Code: 010015/C/1

Wok Inducta - cast iron

Code: 010438
VICTORIA Tortilla press + VICTORIA tortilla pan
€63 (–5 %)
Cast iron tortilla press from a world-famous manufacturer and a pan to it
Code: 010437 - 010443
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