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Helpers for your beautiful garden and home plants maintenance. 

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Pectol, Sweets with C Vitamin
from €0,62

Sweets with C Vitamin

Code: 350009

Cereal bar with cottage cheese and blueberries

Code: 350029
New Bar tvaroh podmáslí

Cereal bar with cottage cheese and buttermilk

Code: 350030
Pečený protein čokoláda

Baked Protain Bar with Belgian chocolate

Code: 350028
Blondie - Blackcurrant

Baked bar with Belgian chocolate and blackcurrant, gluten-free.

Code: 350026
Brownie - Banana

Baked bar with Belgian chocolate and banana, gluten-free

Code: 350025
Pečený protein - čokoláda a kokos
Code: 350031
Clothes Pegs

Wooden clothes pegs

Code: 240008
In stock


Code: 050005
Zavlažovací skleněné koule (Typ Modrá, 20 cm)
from €4,18

Colour Aqua globe for watering plants

Code: 370001/C/1
Gardening Set

Gardening tool set including fork, spade and cultivator

Code: 090012/1
Harvest Scissors

Two-edge harvest scissors

Code: 020296
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