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Other hand grinders and machines

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Gun stuffer, tinned

Gun stuffer, tinned sheet

Code: 17021
LODOS Cabbage slicer HORAL
€46 (–5 %)

Cabbage Slicer HORAL

Code: 040038
Corn Grinder VICTORIA

Corn Grinder made of cast iron, hot tinned.

Code: 010015/C/1
Kráječ chleba TREND (Typ bílý s připevněním na přísavku)
from €71,96
€79,07 (up to –8 %)

Bread Slicer TREND

Code: 040146/1
3125 kruhadlo na zeli jizeran
Cabbage Slicer JIZERAN
Currently unavailable

Rotary Cabbage Slicer

Code: 040128
Manual sausage filler TRE SPADE

Manual sausage filler TRE SPADE, stainless steel

Code: 010431
Nabídka značek