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Camping and grilling

Camping and barbecue are related to sun, summer and holidays in our thoughts. No matter how modern camp site you are staying at, you always need some camping cookware, such as mess-tin set, bowls or cutlery. Today there is a wide choice - made of tin, stainless steel, titanium and even with non-stick surface, which is easy to clean, for example this camping set.

You cannot imagine a summer without barbecue. For this occassion you will find in our shop a lot of small or bigger helpers from wooden grilling tongs, boards, skewers to cast iron griddles, such as this one. Our griddles are both sided, one side is meant for grilling meat, the other (smooth) for veggies, cheese and pancakes. 

So if you are about to go camping or prepare barbecue in the garden, our team at  will be happy to provide you with the equipment necessary.


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Oven Glove
Oven Glove
In stock
from €2,40

Oven Glove

Code: 060007
Wooden tongs, glued

Wooden Tongs glued

Code: 100041
Wooden Grilling Tongs

Wooden Grilling Tongs

Code: 240089
Wooden Tongs

Wooden Tongs

Code: 100073
Wooden Grilling Tongs, 45 cm

Wooden grilling tongs, 45 cm long

Code: 100097
Skewers 2 pcs

Skewers flat, 2 pc-set. Stainless steel.

Code: 020225
Flat skewer needle 33 cm
Flat skewer needle 33 cm
Currently unavailable
set of 2 stainless steel skewer needles
Code: 260045
Larding Needle

Stainless steel larding needle

Code: 260037
Vidličky na fondue
Code: 040044
3011 alb form miska ptfe stone

Aluminium bowl with non-stick coating STONE design

Code: 270021
3020 miska ptfe wood

Camping bowl with non-stick surface

Code: 270020
Manual Meat Tenderizer GURMAN

Manual Meat Tenderizer

Code: 200003
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