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Pastry brush made of goose feather

Code: 210004
Tea Strainer

Tea Strainer 

Code: 030001
Boiled Potato Cutter

A simple tool for cutting boiled potato, root vegetable and eggs

Code: 260076
Frying Basket with hooks

Frying basket type 27 H

Code: 030039
Ochranné síto na pánev
Code: 030132
Kráječ na těsto těsto

A cute kitchen helper of Czech make.

Code: 260071
Spice Grinder Charles, acrylic
Currently unavailable

A cute acrylic spice grinder.

Code: 100136
Servírovací pánev 010446

Fajita Skillet made of cast iron and seasoned with non-GMO 100% flaxseed oil.

Code: 010446
Reversible Cast Iron Round Griddle VICTORIA, 32 cm

Reversible cast iron round griddle

Code: 010452
Nabídka značek