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Camping set PTFE ALB STONE

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Brand: ALB Forming

camping set for 1 person

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Camping set PTFE ALB STONE
Not rated
Brand: ALB Forming
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The camping set is meant for holiday travelling and camping.

Its low weight and timeless attractive design are its big advantage. It is made of food aluminium finished with a thin layer of PTFE - Teflon. Its undisputable advantage is easy maintenance and easy cooking. Using this set, you never burn any dish, and the set is easy to clean just with water and a piece of cloth or sponge. But it can be put into dishwasher as well.

The set is also available in WOOD variant.

Made in Czech Republic.

Bowl: Ø 160 mm, height 54 mm, volume 1,1 L, weight 113 g
Pan/cover: Ø 176 mm, height 53 mm, volume 1,1 L, weight 150 g
Total dimension: Ø 176 mm, height 98 mm, weight 263 g

Parts of the set:

Bowl and cover (Pan)
Tooled bottom of the bowl for its better stability
Folding grips, rubbered
Canvas packaging

Non-stick stone effect - Heart of Stone

•    99,5% pure aluminium 1 mm thick
•    non-stick layer hardened with titanium with high thermal stability
•    No content of PFOA, nickel, cadmium or other hard metals
•    Soft touch, ergonomic and thermally isolated grips

Additional parameters

Category: Camping and grilling
Weight: 0.263 kg
Výška/Height/Höhe: 9,8 cm
Průměr/Diameter/Durchmesser: 17,5 cm