VICTORIA cast iron pan

15 ratings
Brand: Victoria

Quality pans of a famous producer

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VICTORIA cast iron pan
15 ratings
Brand: Victoria
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2,5 15 ratings

Do you dream of a pan that will stay with you for life? 

So you have found it in this range of pans made by a famous Colombian producer of VICTORIA brand.

It is made from quality cast iron. The surface is seasoned with vegetable oil at high temperature, which creates a natural non-stick effect.

The pan can be used on all types of cookers, including induction or open fire. We recommend careful handling on glass-ceramic surface. The product is not suitable for microwaves or dishwashers.

Diameter is 30, 25, 20 or 16 cm.

Life-long guarantee is applied to the pan (excl. faults resulting from misusing, see the Instructions for more detail) 


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Category: Dishes
uvod-logo-victoriaColombian dishes from the world-famous brand Victoria are made of quality cast iron. Honest and robust containers (as well as utensils) are designed for all types of stoves and open fire. The surface of the castings is treated with edible oil baked at a high temperature, which achieves a natural non-stick effect.